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Use of Technology In Education

Although to use of technology in education seems like a logical succession, education is actually one of the last few areas where technology has taken hold and flourished.

Considering how students can potentially benefit from 21st-century advances, it’s odd that current equipment and devices are being used so sparingly in classrooms.

We Have The Best Use of Technology In Education With Our Tools

Use of Technology In EducationMost kids are not chiseling their test answers on a stone tablet like Fred Flintstone, but providing students with the most up-to-date resources available is what TeachHUB is all about. Getting kids involved through fresh lesson plans and giving teachers a heads-up on apps and teaching tools for their notepads and smartphones is what we do best.

It’s ironic that just over 100 years ago, Thomas Edison was touting the effect that film would have on education. According to Edison, film would use of technology in education to make books obsolete.

Yet it’s only been since the advent of the Internet and e-readers that print books have taken a back seat to technology. Even though books in electronic version have been talked about and attempted since the 1930s, it wasn’t until 1985 that the term “electronic book,” coined by
Andries van Dam of Brown University, was recognized as the descriptive term for what we know today as “ebooks.”

Currently, with the popularity of e-readers and electronic tablets on the rise, textbooks have gone electronic and even interactive.

It’s not just books that are seeing a change through the use of technology in education. Finding those books through computer-based library systems is quicker and easier, and classrooms are expanding to send the teacher to the students or bring the students to the teacher. Meanwhile, voice recognition technology is making learning easier for special needs students.

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