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Technology In The Classroom

For teachers, utilizing technology in the classroom can be quite a daunting challenge. Technology is an ever-evolving concept, and for time-strapped teachers, finding just the right app to brighten up a lesson on American history, for instance, can be real challenge.

But helping educators find unique ways to use technology in the classroom is one of the primary missions of TeachHUB. We’re constantly learning about and publishing new ways to employ the ever-morphing marriage of technology and education.

You Can Get Technology In The Classroom That Is Unmatched

Technology In The ClassroomEach week on TeachHUB.com, we point out the hottest iPad or iPhone apps and accessories that are bound to enhance your classroom ability. From math to art to social studies, our team of reviewers is always on the cutting edge of what’s fresh, new and helpful.

Examples of recent app reviews on TeachHUB.com:

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And there are many, many more.

But apps and using technology in the classroom are not the only things we do. Our team of writers is addressing the hot educational trends and issues on a daily basis, topics as diverse as the Common Core State Standards to top teacher movies to Thanksgiving lesson plans. TeachHUB.com is your one-stop shop for lesson plans, a lively discussion forum and even articles about class pets.

Another popular facet of TeachHUB are our professional development features. From in-service ideas to ways to advance your teaching career, TeachHUB is a tremendous resource for you and your colleagues.

Created by teachers, for teachers, TeachHUb and TeachHUB.com contain the perfect set of solutions for all your educational needs. Check us out today!