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Guided Reading Lessons

Guided reading lessons are invaluable tools for helping students develop fluency, in addition to a myriad of other reading skills. Turn to TeachHUB when you need help with guided reading ideas, organization, and topic advice and lesson plans. We have the information and recommendations you are looking for to super-charge your students’ reading abilities and comprehension, and to put them on the fast track to improvement. You know you can rely on TeachHUB to provide you with useful advice that will facilitate reading in your classroom, because it’s all compiled by teachers, specifically for teachers.

Using Our Guided Reading Lessons For Classroom Success

Guided Reading LessonsYou probably already know that small groups are most effective for guided reading. But keeping track of the progress of guided reading lessons for various groups of students, at various skill levels, can be more than challenging. That’s why TeachHUB offers recommendations on organization, lesson structure, resources, and even strategies to improve student participation. And, as we’ve pointed out, we know these approaches work because they’re recommended by teachers who have already had success implementing them in their own classrooms. In fact, no matter what difficulty you may be facing, you’re likely to find a solution in our Hot Tips and Topics section.

Help with guided reading lessons are just one area where TeachHUB can provide assistance. Come to us when you’re looking for fresh lesson plans, and new teaching tools like notebook and smartphone apps, video writing prompts, and online activities through eLearn and Curriki. We’re also huge advocates for furthering your education. Come to TeachHUB for direction and advice on Masters, PhD and EdD programs, either online, or in your area. We even have programs to assist in professional development, and would be happy to organize an in-service for you, booking speakers from our extensive list of experts.

For everything education, come to TeachHUB.com.