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iPad Apps for Special Education

When you want a review of the available iPad apps for special education — or any educational apps, for that matter — come to TeachHUB.com. The teachers who have used the apps and know how well they align with curriculum, the students’ IEP and how well the students respond, give you their professional opinions on how these apps can best serve you. Considering there are close to a million apps in general in Apple’s app store, cutting through the slew of apps that do not apply to your situation is a huge help. But additionally, TeachHUB.com’s teachers go the extra mile to review and recommend the most effective iPad apps for education available.

Start To Use iPad Apps for Special Education In The Classroom

iPad Apps for Special EducationThe iPad apps for special education that are most useful are the ones that support students with a range of differing disabilities. Clicker Docs is one such app. It uses technology similar to the spell-check on your texting program to provide grammatical and spelling suggestions to students to assist with writing. It also works with Dropbox for sharing documents and secure storage in the Cloud. Video Scheduler is another great iPad app that is a combination of video modeling and scheduling. Students who struggle with the concept of managing time and tasks will benefit from this app’s still photos or video clips that outline the steps of a variety of tasks from beginning to completion.

Those are just two of the cutting edge, very usable iPad apps for special education. TeachHUB.com has many reviews, however, of all sorts of useful apps that are invaluable help for teachers and students alike. When you need an educated opinion about an app or want to find out about the newest and the best, come to TeachHUB.com. It’s our job to share our iPad apps for special education resources and direct you to the tools that will benefit your students, K through 12.