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What is Differentiated Instruction?

When considering the question “What is differentiated instruction?” knew that the most valuable information we could offer on the subject would be to provide professional development in-service programs. These continuing education seminars do more than define differentiated instruction, they give teachers a hands-on way to identify students’ individual strengths and challenges. These courses also provide proven methods for capitalizing on strong points and ways to build up weak areas to improve how students learn. You’ll be able to take these tools to the classroom year after year, benefitting you and generations of students.

You’ll Discover What is Differentiated Instruction

What is Differentiated InstructionSo what is differentiated instruction? It is teaching students individually. Knowing that all your students have different learning skills, logically you realize you can’t teach every student in the exact same way. Some students are more visual than others and will catch onto a concept if it is illustrated for them, while others might find it easier to grasp an idea if they read about it and then participate in a discussion to anchor the theory through reinforcement. There are numerous ways that students can learn — almost as many as there are students — so it’s vital that you become aware of the various ways you can facilitate learning for them.’s goal is to equip K through 12 teachers with the knowledge and the tools to ensure that students receive the best possible education available. That’s why we offer in-service programs that address topics such as “What is Differentiated Instruction?” Our subject list is quite extensive and our speakers are professional and knowledgeable. Come to when you want to plan an in-service, or if you need any teaching resources such as lesson plans and writing prompts. Our resources are created by teachers, for teachers so you know that the info you get from is reliable.