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Technology in the Elementary Classroom

Technology in the Elementary ClassroomThinking back to your grade school days, you probably remember technology in the elementary classroom to be limited to an overhead machine and filmstrip projectors, primitive devices that worked with transparencies or displayed a film strip one frame at a time, requiring manual assistance to advance through the entire strip. You have to wonder what today’s elementary students would think of such archaic machinery. Would they consider it technology at all?

In an article for the National Association of Elementary School Principals, education technology specialist Nancye Blair points out that kindergarten-aged students are typically more adept at navigating iPod devices than their parents are, and many kids already have a blog following by the time they hit middle school. These tech-savvy students require more advanced technology in the elementary classroom than their parents had. At we know that education has had to make the shift to accommodate these creative, mini critical-thinkers, and not just because kids are arriving at pre-school with computer skills. The world and workplace that today’s children will be living in as adults will be a vastly different landscape than even the one they’re learning in now.

Using Technology in the Elementary Classroom

It’s understandable that teachers today are concerned that they’re incorporating technology in the elementary classroom in a way that facilitates learning in a technology-steeped world. That’s why offers valuable resources and information on the technological teaching tools currently available to teachers. And, because we understand budget limitations, we offer an assortment of free lesson plans and teaching tools to help you make the most of the resources you do have. even publishes reviews of apps and other technology for the classroom so you can evaluate which devices, apps or other tools will work best for you and your students. You can always rely on to help enhance learning for your classroom.