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Teaching Interview Questions

Teaching Interview QuestionsOne of the consistently most popular articles on is entitled “Six Common Teaching Interview Questions and How to Answer Them.” It’s a basic article that instructs potential new (and seasoned) teachers on what to expect when they get called in for a job interview.

Some of the teaching interview questions the article expands on include the obvious: “Tell us about yourself,” “Describe your discipline philosophy” and “How do you communicate with parents?” and Teaching Interview Questions

As with most articles on, the article also addresses a spate of new teaching interview questions that run the gamut of topics: “How do you teach the new state standards?” and “How do you make sure you meet the needs of a student with an IEP?” The article also offers up well-thought-out responses to these questions and more, all designed to help you ace that nerve-wracking job interview.

This approach – addressing the traditional educational topics while injecting a hearty dose of newer classroom issues – is one that each article on (and our e-publication, TeachHUB magazine) strives to achieve.

Our stable of writers, all of whom are primarily teachers, know that this two-tiered approach of addressing both the traditional and the cutting edge educational topics of the day is essential knowledge for all teachers. is updated each day with articles from these authors on well-researched topics regarding a wide array of educational subjects, from the Common Core to classroom management to ways to make learning fun.

Beyond articles, is also packed with free lesson plans, video writing prompts and even a lively discussion forum, where educators from around the globe share ideas and thoughts on how to be a more effective teacher.

But that’s not all we do. TeachHUB’s umbrella organization, the K12 Teachers Alliance, can also set you up with the perfect graduate school opportunity that will make it as easy as 1-2-3 to advance your academic career.

Look at TeachHUB as a one-stop-shop for all your classroom needs. With our help, you can revolutionize your classroom needs to enrich the most important people of all: your precious students.