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Teacher Interview Questions

When you’re on the job hunt, teacher interview questions can go both ways. Of course you’ll be asked numerous questions about your experience, your education, your approach to teaching and how you interact with students and their parents. But you should also go to every interview armed with questions to ask, as well. The fact is that any school you interview at is as much on the hot seat as you are. You want to find out as much as you can about what is to be expected of you, how much control and freedom you’ll have in your own classroom, the resources that the school will provide you with and generally the type of atmosphere at the school.

Know How To Answer Teacher Interview Questions Correctly

Teacher Interview believes in helping to prepare teachers for all aspects of the teaching career, that’s why we’ve compiled a list of teacher interview questions that will show prospective employers that you’re interested in the school and in knowing how you’ll fit into the established educational culture at that individual school. We know that every part of your appearance — from the clothing you wear to your attitude — will be taken into consideration. The confident way you speak is important, as are the statements you make and the questions you ask. Going into any interview armed with intelligent, inquisitive questions goes a long way in casting you in a positive light for employers.

Every educator should be prepared with teacher interview questions, but even if you’re not in the market for a teaching position, is a useful resource for K through 12 teachers. We provide information and advice on graduate programs, professional development and in-service planning, as well as having a valuable supply of teaching tools such as video writing prompts and lesson plans on all subjects from math to social studies to science.