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Math Games for the Classroom

Math Games for the ClassroomAsk any teacher what subject brings about the most classroom angst and you’re sure to get a universal answer: Math. Arithmetic strikes fear into the heart of even the most tenacious student, and it has for decades: Multiplication, division, fractions and the like create serious classroom dislikes.

But there’s a unique way to get your students jazzed about arithmetic: Math games for the classroom. By incorporating elements of competition, puzzles and even laughter using math games for the classroom, even the most hardened anti-math students can get excite about the equations, formulas and theorems presented by arithmetic.

If you’re a time-crunched educator, however, it can be tricky to devise math games for the classroom. How does a busy teacher enrich his or her classroom using games and the like when there’s barely enough time to grade papers and follow the formulaic curriculum?

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