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iPads in the Classroom

iPads in the ClassroomWhether you love them or not, the recent appearance of iPads in the classroom is a force you’ll need to contend with sooner than later.

The degree to which you utilize these devices, of course is entirely up to you.

Our contributing writer Jordan Catapano recently addressed the pros and cons of using iPads in the classroom.


  • Immediate feedback and all-class participation
  • Simplify the collection and retention of materials
  • Reading and annotating paperlessly
  • Shared access to files with students
  • Free classic books available online
  • Numerous resources for anything you can imagine


  • No ideal workflow solution
  • Wi-Fi issues
  • The distraction factor
  • Charging issues
  • You still need a computer
  • Publishers haven’t caught up to book demands
  • iPad options are overwhelming
  • Change isn’t necessarily always good

iPads in the Classroom – The Good and the Questioned

Indeed, for every positive that using iPads brings about, there is an equal negative. It’s up to you to figure out that delicate balance. Catapano concludes his examination of iPads in the classroom with a fair-handed charge: “No one would argue that the iPads offer zero advantages, but no one should argue that they’re perfect, either. Before diving head first into the 1-to-1 pool, take time to consider what your students’ needs are and how you can address those both with and without technology.”

There are certainly more pros and cons involved in using iPads in class, and is right at the forefront of this and of any other technological discussion. Technology in the classroom is one of our strong subjects, and we address it mightily on a weekly basis.

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