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Interview Questions for a Teacher

Interview Questions for a TeacherLanding that teaching job will be easier if you are prepared to answer interview questions for a teacher, instead of coming up with answers off-the-cuff. Interviewing is stressful enough without being blind-sided by questions you aren’t prepared to answer. However, it’s useful to know the handful of basic questions that most employers and/or interviewing committees ask. There are certain to be a few questions that you will have to answer off the top of your head, but being prepared for ones that are likely to be asked will help balance you out and give you a vital sense of confidence. Reviewing the right teaching
interview questions
beforehand, helps in many ways to prepare

At, we are happy to assist teachers in any way we can including offering advice on many topics, including interview questions for teachers. Just search the Hot Tips & Topics section of our website to find the most common questions you can expect in an interview, along with a more wide-ranging list of possible questions that teachers have come up against. From the more typical “Tell us about yourself…” and “Describe your philosophy on discipline…” to possible questions about your memories as a student or experiences that have shaped your teaching style, you’ll find them all at

Interview Questions for a Teacher – Questions to Ask

It’s important to remember that interview questions for a teacher can also include questions you should ask during an interview. Coming prepared with a few questions of your own will give you the opportunity to see if the school is a suitable match for you, as well as showcasing you as an interested and inquisitive person. If you have an interview on the horizon, visit our Hot Tips & Topics to get an idea of the questions you may be asked, but also to get some help with a few questions of your own. It’s all part of the shared resources, by teachers for teachers, you’ll find at