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High School Back to School List

High School Back to School ListThere are a few items that all kids need for back to school, but a high school back to school list is different from the rest. All students can use number 2 pencils, erasers, notebooks and/or binders and loose-leaf paper. The teachers at point out that when kids hit high school, however, they require additional items that are a bit more advanced. Calculators, protractors, graph paper, flash drives and thesauruses are some of the items Good Housekeeping lists on their official high school back to school list.

Referencing a few different “official” lists can be useful to help teachers create their own lists to hand out at the beginning of the year. As a high school teacher, you focus on one or two subjects. The students in your English class won’t need a protractor, but highlighters, a binder with divers and a dayplanner or calendar for marking down assignment deadlines might be items you would put on your list. Additionally, reminds school-shopping parents and teachers not to forget index cards, pens and printer paper and ink cartridges for the home computer.

High School Back to School List and Resources is the resource K through 12 teachers can count on for back to school and throughout the year, too. Whether you need help building that high school back to school list or could use a hand with lesson plans, we’re here for you. Our community of teachers enjoys sharing their experiences and expertise, and you can count on us for advice on everything from educational technology to motivating students and even dealing with learning disabilities or bullying. knows the value of continuing education, too. That’s why we offer professional development services, such as planning and scheduling in-services, and you can find recommendations on graduate programs that are regionally, nationally and NCATE accredited.