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Fun Classroom Games

Talented educators know that sometimes, the way to reach students is through a friendly round of competition. As recently noted by columnist Janelle Cox on (Teachers should) “Try to incorporate activities and fun classroom games that engage students.”

Fun Classroom GamesThese fun classroom games can include takes on familiar classics like Jeopardy!, Pass the Chicken, Monopoly, Ping Pong, Family Feud and more. According to columnist Janelle Cox, “The trick is to make it so much fun that the students don’t even realize they are reviewing material.” But busy teachers can be stumped when it comes to devising the perfect, curriculum-fitting activity to engage an entire class. That’s where TeachHUB comes in.

Our flagship website,, is full of many classroom activities and other ideas, including a hearty library of lesson plans. It’s updated every weekday with helpful articles about teaching, from addressing the common core state standards to handling kid anxiety to ideas about teaching vocabulary, so rest assured that your every question about teaching and education in general can be answered by accessing it.

Fun Classroom Games and Activities

Back to class games. Many of the activities we publish are timely, so you’ll find activities geared toward any time of the year, from the Super Bowl to the Olympics to Black History Month. We even include things to do at the beginning and the end of the school year, when attention spans can fray and it can become difficult to draw the full attention of your students.

And we do offer sage advice about the games you do decide to incorporate. Columnist Janelle Cox says, “There are a lot of fun classroom games out there. Any one that you choose will help students learn the material. Just make sure that you keep anything that you make yourself so can reuse it again next year.”