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Popular Educational iPad Apps for Kids

Popular Educational iPad Apps for KidsAll teachers know that anytime they can insert the slightest blip of high-tech wizardy into a lesson plan, that lesson plan will be successful. Let’s face it – most kids and adults are wowed by technology.

One way to get and keep your students’ attention is by using educational iPad apps for kids. Many schools presently supply iPads to their students, and many other districts use a systm of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

But getting kids plugged in with an iPad is the tip of the iceberg. How does an educator then go about choosing worthwhile educational iPad apps for kids to load onto said devices? Teachers are stretched thin enough with lesson plans, meetings and other traditional educational duties that their classrooms (and administrators) demand. is here to help. The articles we post on a daily basis often feature the latest, cutting-edge classroom technologies, including reviews of dozens of educational iPad apps for kids.

Some of the Popular Educational iPad Apps for Kids

One of our most-popular web articles recently has been a rundown of the hottest apps released in 2013, and other recent articles about apps have included roundups of apps designed to bolster school-to-home communications, apps to help get kids organized, and arithmetic-based apps to help all ages of kids beef up their math skills.

But app reviews aren’t all we do. Our daily posts have also included ways to teach using the popular game Minecraft, how to prevent and break up a school fight, how to employ literature circles, and ways to commemorate Black History Month. Our lineup of writers is all primarily teachers, so rest assured that the content on is relevant, cutting-edge and readily applicable. Best of all it’s FREE content, which also includes a deep reservoir of complimentary lesson plans and a lively discussion forum featuring the thoughts and musings of educators from all over the world.

In a world where technology is changing at a breakneck pace, teachers need all the assistance they can muster when learning about the ways that that technology can assist them. is their one-stop shop for that invaluable knowledge.