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Classroom Technology

Al students get excited about classroom technology, and they always have. Think back to your youth: Everyone loved it when a simple projector or TV/VCR combo was situated in the class, waiting to enlighten in its simplistic multimedia format!

Nothing has changed, as any teacher can tell you – kids still get thrilled when using classroom technology like an iPad, Kindle or even an old-school PC. But one thing is for sure: Classroom technology has itself evolved at an alarming pace. As writer Josh Leitz wrote:

“The classroom environment today is completely different from the traditional classroom we’re all used to from years ago. The introduction of new technologies, such as document cameras, interactive whiteboards and classroom response systems, have added not only excitement but student engagement and true interactivity within the classroom.

Classroom Technology – The Ever Growing Landscape

Classroom Technology“Technologies are consistently changing and improving. Overhead projectors are still being used, however, they have been replaced by document cameras. The ability to project a book or document on the fly allows teachers the freedom to adjust their lesson to the direction of the discussion.” So with technology continually altering the classroom landscape, how can you keep up with the changes, especially when you have a full dance card of lesson plans, paper-grading and administrative tasks to take care of? is the answer. We regularly publish review of all sorts of new technologies, from iPad apps to gadgets and devices designed to make your classroom life that much easier. Written by teachers, for teachers, is the web’s most-robust resource for new academic ideas, apps and toys.

Beyond technology, our writers also address the other deep academic issues of the day, from Common Core State Standards to discipline to helping students stay fit.

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