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Finding the Best Learning Apps

Finding the Best Learning AppsWith all the existing educational software, it’s difficult to know which are the best learning apps for your classroom. No matter which device you use, whether an Android or an iPad, there are scores of apps available. At we have reviews of all the newest and best apps to help you sort through the myriad choices, saving you time and money. Our Hot Tips and Topics Section has over 65 articles and reviews that will give you an idea of which apps are the most popular, which work best for particular subjects and/or tasks and which ones are teacher favorites.

The best learning apps are the ones that you actually use. Some might help keep you organized, others may provide learning games for students and yet others work through the Cloud to allow your students to submit assignments digitally, taking the homework-eating family pet out of the equation. Any app that gets your students organized and encourages learning is great, but when the activities they provide are fun, too, that’s a bonus. At you’ll find advice and reviews on them all, no matter which device you use. Here is more info on free learning apps for kids on

Best Learning Apps Online for the Classroom

Giving you the run-down on the best learning apps available is just one of the great resources we offer teachers at We also have free teaching tools and lesson plans, and we pride ourselves on the professional development services we provide. We have an extensive directory of professional development speakers on a wide range of topics from Common Core State Standards to Classroom and Behavior Management and, of course, Educational Technology. set out to be the place where K through 12 teachers could share and access resources to assist with the ever-changing education landscape. Once you’ve spent some time browsing our site, we know you’ll agree that we have succeeded in our goal.