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Back to School Themes

Back to School ThemesWhen it comes to designing activities and lesson plans that address back to school themes, many teachers struggle with making this yearly rite of passage more memorable and teachable.

At we understand that creating back to school themes can be difficult and time-consuming, so our stable of knowledgeable writers (all of whom are real-life educators) has been addressing those topics for quite sometime now. Here’s a look at some recent back to school themes that we’ve written about:

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Not Just About Back to School Themes

But there are many more topics we address than simply a return to school. For instance, we’ve become a go-to source for articles and information on classroom management, including specifics on how to be an efficient and more organized educator. We also have become proficient at addressing the controversial Common Core State Standards, and how they are affecting students and teachers alike. If you’re looking for methods of using technology in the classroom, meanwhile, we’re also an extremely reputable source on that issue.

Beyond articles, our website is also a go-to source for original lesson plans. Some more-famous, pop culture-themed lesson plans we’ve spotlighted recently include Super Bowl Measurements (math), Justin Bieber’s Christmas Story Starters (language arts) and Learning Helpful Water Habits (science).