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Back to School Supply List

Back to School Supply ListOne thing on every teacher’s mind this year – in addition to the one million other things they need to prepare – is their class’ back to school supply list.

A back to school supply list can contains the classic elements we all remember – pencils, erasers, and plenty of paper. But increasingly, teachers are "personalizing" their necessities so that a back to school supply list might more resemble a list for someone going away to college.

So how does a teacher go about formulating a realistic supply list that won’t cost a fortune, yet won’t leave them running to the local office store every night to replenish supplies? is the answer. We’ve run many articles on the topic of school supplies, including where to shop for the most inexpensive ones.

Back-to-school articles have been our mainstay of late, and we’ve been populating our website with helpful tips for many years. Here’s a sampling of what we’ve addressed:

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Back to School Supply List Online or at the Store

Of course, back to school articles aren’t all we address. Some of our other areas of educational expertise on include the Common Core State Standards, classroom ideas and ways to beat the "summer slide."

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