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Back to School Supplies

Back to School SuppliesAre you looking for what back to school supplies to purchase for your classroom? It’s a known fact that more than 90 percent of professional educators purchase a decent amount of material for their classrooms, including back to school supplies.

According to a recent article, “The recession has put a tremendous limit on the funding of our schools. We continually pay out of our own packets to make sure that our students are provided with a quality education as well as food in their stomachs. We will continue to do so because all we want is the best for our students, but there’s certainly no harm in saving a bit of money along the way.”

Look no further than for tips on getting discount back to school supplies, including which stores and which websites to frequent.

But we also take a serious look at the ongoing debate about school supplies. We recently examined why teachers are demanding an ever-increasing list of seemingly school supplies as well.

Back to School Supplies, Lesson Plans and Resources

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