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Back to School Games

Back to School is the teachers’ best resource for back to school games. After students have spent months relaxing and having fun, games are a terrific way to ease them back into the swing of school. They continue the fun while stimulating and encouraging problem solving and learning, and that helps bring students’ focus off from camping and trips to the beach and puts it in the classroom. At we have the free lessons and teaching tools that accomplish the task of capturing your class’s attention and keeping it through fun, interactive projects.

For most students, learning is easier when it’s fun. Kids can retain knowledge almost effortlessly when it is a by-product of an enjoyable activity. Back to school games not only help bring students’ focus back to the classroom after a busy and relaxing summer, but they also teach in a clever way. These games can be in the form of a video writing prompt, in which your class watches a short animated or live-action video and is then asked to complete a writing exercise as a way to improve critical thinking skills in addition to writing skills. Other lesson plans that double as games include recipes as math problems or exploring the biographies of important historical figures.

Finding the Best Back to School Games

At we strive to be your go-to resource for everything you need as a teacher. Whether it’s inventive back to school games, useful teaching tools, advice on gadgets and software or even help planning an in-service or finding information on graduate programs, it’s all here at We’ve got the hot tips and topics that teachers are looking for, as well as a community of K through 12 teachers and blogs written by real teachers, for real teachers. Rely on for the lessons and shared resources that will make the difference in your classroom. It’s back to school time!