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Anti Bullying Programs

Anti Bullying ProgramsBullying in schools has reached epic proportions. Gone are the days where we tell bullied students to ‘shake it off’. Now, bullies are punished and schools, parents and students work together to develop anti bullying programs designed to eliminate bullying from schools. If you are interested in developing anti bullying programs for your school, follow these tips.

Create Anti Bullying Programs that Work

Successful anti bullying programs send a clear message. You want students to know two things: that bullying will not be tolerated and that bullying should be reported. Create a presentation that teachers can show in class, or hold a school wide a assembly that focuses on these two messages. Another important element of anti bullying programs is the definition of bullying. Bullying is so much more than stuffing a kid on their locker, or taking their lunch money. Bullying takes many forms and you want kids to know they are being a bully or when they are being bullied. Anti bullying programs also have a strong parental involvement element. Provide parents with information that will help them recognize bullying and instruct them on how they should report it.

Another important component of strong anti bullying programs is the healing campaign. Once a student has reported bullying and the offender has been punished, you want both parties to be able to successfully move on from the bullying. You can not – and should not – force a friendship between the students, but you should set up some sort of framework that will help the students coexist in the same school.

Follow these tips, drawn from already existing anti bullying programs, to educate your school community on the ways they can work to prevent bullying.