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Anti Bullying Programs for Schools

Anti Bullying Programs for SchoolsAlthough bullying is an age-old problem, anti bullying programs for schools are fairly new. It’s only been in recent years that bullying has been recognized as an issue that education professionals must deal with. There are a number of programs that are potential solutions to the bullying problem, but because they are fairly new and have only a minimal amount of on-the-job testing, it’s difficult to say that there’s one, ultimate answer. Compounding the difficulty of knowing whether a particular resolution will work is that every school, every student, every situation is different. What may have worked well for one school, may not work in the same way for others.

At we recognize the serious issue that bullying has become. We offer advice on anti bullying programs for schools including first-person accounts of experience with various programs and solutions, as well as reports and articles on various schools nationwide that have implemented anti bullying efforts. It is just one resource of the many we offer K through 12 teachers. We know that it’s important to stay on top of anti bullying campaigns, so encourages all teachers to assess the situation and choose a program that will best address the circumstances at hand. Stick with your chosen program and work it. Keep track of the progress you make or don’t make. Don’t give up easily, either. Your first plan may not seem to work immediately but, given time, you may see progress.

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Among the anti bullying programs for schools offered at are our unmatched in-service professional development classes. We have a roster of experienced professionals who can instruct the teachers in your school and/or district on strategies to prevent bullying behavior as well as instruction on how to effectively intervene when necessary. is your source for anit-bullying programs, prevention and ideas.