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Anti Bullying Activities

Anti Bullying ActivitiesBullying has become a serious problem in today’s schools, one that should not be taken lightly. When a child is bullied, they often develop serious emotional problems and, though rare, can be tempted to commit suicide. For this reason alone, bullying should be taken seriously. Thankfully, most parents, teachers and school administrators do take bullying seriously and support anti bullying activities in their schools.

Anti Bullying Activities that Get Kids Thinking

Anti bullying activities are programs and initiatives designed to end bullying. They raise awareness about bullying in schools and communities and teach parents and teachers different ways they can work to address bullying. Examples of anti bullying activities include an anonymous essay contest, where students secretly write an essay that describes a time where they were bullied. These essays are then read out loud at an assembly attended by parents and teachers. After the essays are read, school administrators explain in detail the school’s anti bullying policy, and encourage students who witness bullying to speak up. Another example is an anti bullying pep rally, where students must come up with performances that address the negative effects of bullying and help create solutions for dealing with bullies in their school. Schools can also have students view the documentary Bully, which follows a group of students who were bullied and examines the effects the torment had on them. After the film, students should be required to make their own short video where they talk about the harm bullying causes.

Those are just three anti bullying activities, and they are designed to get students thinking about the dangers of bullying. If we don’t get students involved and thinking, anti bullying activities won’t be as successful. After all, they are the ones being bullied – and the ones who bully. Anti bullying activities that require students to share their experiences will have a much broader impact than campaigns that simply lecture to students.