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3rd Grade Lesson Plans

3rd grade is a difficult time for many students. Students are older, and are expected to understand more complicated concepts than in previous years. It can be hard to engage 3rd graders in this more difficult school work. That is why it is important for teachers to put some ‘oomph’ in their 3rd grade lesson plans.

From video writing prompts that feature the latest movie trailers, to printables that focus on exciting ‘firsts’ in American history to engaging bell ringers that start the school day off right, TeachHUB has just what you need to create challenging and engaging 3rd grade lesson plans. We work with teachers from around the country who share their proven lesson plans and share their real-life classroom experiences on our site, creating an online community that that can help you develop 3rd grade lesson plans with some pizzazz.

Put Some Oomph in Your 3rd Grade Lesson Plans

Use chocolate, a traditional Valentine’s Day gift, to give your 3rd graders a history lesson. Teach them about the first man in space. Or, have them draw on personal experiences to write an essay about the character traits that make them different from their classmates. Whatever you’re covering in class, TeachHUB can help you develop 3rd grade lesson plans that are sure to keep your young students interested in what is being taught.

If you want to keep 3rd graders fully engaged in what you’re teaching them, your 3rd lesson plans have to have some ‘oomph’. Visit our site often for unique ideas you can incorporate into your 3rd grade lesson plans.