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2nd Grade Lesson Plan

Creating 2nd grade lesson plans that keep students engaged can be a challenge. You want to present lessons that are age appropriate, while pushing students so that they expand their knowledge. You want students to have fun learning, but you also want their parents – and your principal – to know that they work hard in class.

Balancing engaging and interactive and putting them in a 2nd grade lesson plan is not an easy task, but we are here to help.

Interactive and Engaging 2nd Grade Lesson Plans

Let the TeachHUB lesson plan database be a resource you use when planning your class sessions. We feature 2nd grade lesson plans in reading, social studies, math and science; our database has just what you are looking for. We work with teachers across the country to find creative, academically sound plans that we know will challenge and excite your students. The lesson plans are presented in an attractive format and are easily printed, right from our website. These 2nd grade lesson plans can be used as is, or modified to fit your unique teaching style and classroom set-up.

Engaging students is a critical component of helping them learn and lesson planning is key to that engagement. So, take a look at our 2nd grade lesson plans. Use TeachHUB resources like our database to make your life as a teacher just a bit easier.