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1st Grade Lesson Plan

1st grade is a special time for a child: they’ve graduate past ‘little kid’ status and are actually in a real classroom, doing real work. Lessons these students learn in first grade can set them up for success, or failure, for the rest of their academic career.

That’s why it is important for these students to be exposed to a teacher who thinks outside the box when developing 1st grade lesson plans.

Gone are the days when 1st graders simply color and have story time. These days, parents and schools are expecting much more out their first grade students. As a teacher, your 1st grade lesson plan must be designed to challenge the students, pushing them beyond a basic first grade curriculum.

Outside the Box 1st Grade Lesson Plans

Developing unique 1st grade plans must begin with an understanding of the newest teaching methods. As an educator, you have to stay current and involved in your field. You must understand how young mind learns and know how kids learn best. You must then incorporate that knowledge into your teaching style. Creating 1st grade lesson plans also requires creativity. It is not enough to read out loud to your students, or to ask them to paint a picture. You have to get your students up and moving, all while challenging their young minds. Lastly, a solid 1st grade lesson plan is fun! What cartoons, music, or games are 1st graders most interested in? A teacher must know these things and find a way to translate those student interests into teachable moments.

Developing a strong 1st grade lesson plan is not easy, but it is a necessity. Teachers have to think outside the box when crafting these lesson plans and they have to channel their inner child in order create them.