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Tips for Back to School

Tips for Back to SchoolHeading back to teaching after a long summer break can be a difficult endeavor for many educators. For this reason, has compiled tips for back to school with the intent of providing support and encouragement to educators gearing up for a new school year.

Teachers have a lot to think about in getting organized for an upcoming school year. There are so many considerations in fact, that you may seem overwhelmed by all of the possibilities and ideas. Tip for back to school are not just helpful for students but for teachers too. The key to entering the classroom and gearing up for a successful year is staying organized. Once classes begin and students enter the classroom, you will have a new of stresses. These tips will help you feel confident before the semester even begins.

Some Useful Tips for Back to School

Often time individuals do not realize how stressful teaching is. In fact, educators at all levels report a high level of isolation in the profession. The stresses of an educator are so unique that a sense of community is necessary in order to avoid burn out and to enjoy years of satisfaction in the field. Tips for back to school were written from teachers who have been there – they know the stress you are facing as you head back into a new school year. They know how difficult it can be to handle disruptive students or parents who do not seem to listen to your professional opinions and observations.

In addition to our tips for back to school, also provides free lesson templates and plans, professional development information, research articles that address cutting edge issues like how to incorporate technology in the classroom, as well as other timely issues. Together we can work to get you prepared for this upcoming year.

Back to School Games

Back to School is the teachers’ best resource for back to school games. After students have spent months relaxing and having fun, games are a terrific way to ease them back into the swing of school. They continue the fun while stimulating and encouraging problem solving and learning, and that helps bring students’ focus off from camping and trips to the beach and puts it in the classroom. At we have the free lessons and teaching tools that accomplish the task of capturing your class’s attention and keeping it through fun, interactive projects.

For most students, learning is easier when it’s fun. Kids can retain knowledge almost effortlessly when it is a by-product of an enjoyable activity. Back to school games not only help bring students’ focus back to the classroom after a busy and relaxing summer, but they also teach in a clever way. These games can be in the form of a video writing prompt, in which your class watches a short animated or live-action video and is then asked to complete a writing exercise as a way to improve critical thinking skills in addition to writing skills. Other lesson plans that double as games include recipes as math problems or exploring the biographies of important historical figures.

Finding the Best Back to School Games

At we strive to be your go-to resource for everything you need as a teacher. Whether it’s inventive back to school games, useful teaching tools, advice on gadgets and software or even help planning an in-service or finding information on graduate programs, it’s all here at We’ve got the hot tips and topics that teachers are looking for, as well as a community of K through 12 teachers and blogs written by real teachers, for real teachers. Rely on for the lessons and shared resources that will make the difference in your classroom. It’s back to school time!

Back to School Stuff

Back to School StuffWhen it’s time to collect all of the back to school stuff teachers need, is there with the resources for K through 12 teachers that can’t be found anywhere else. We’re a community of teachers, compiling the tools and information we know other teachers will find useful because these are the lesson plans and advice we’ve already implemented in our classrooms. loves sharing free lesson plans that refresh and revitalize your approach to teaching, but we also enjoy sharing tips on issues such as seating charts, organizing your classroom for back to school and even advice on interviewing and finding teaching jobs.

In today’s electronic, internet-driven world, understands the important part that gadgets and apps play in education. That’s why some of the back to school stuff we cover are reviews on useful apps and advice on education technology. We also offer a library of video writing prompts, designed to inspire students of all ages and improve their writing and critical thinking abilities. even has sections on Curriki and eLearn programs with access to online lessons, videos, activities and more, covering an array of subjects and at various educational levels.

Back to School Stuff – Not just for Kids

All back to school stuff at isn’t necessarily for the kids, though. We believe education is important for teachers, too, and advocate continued learning at any age. We offer guidance and advice on graduate programs including masters and doctoral curriculums. We also have an in-service development program that is second to none. can help you organize in-service programs on a wide variety of timely topics, with professional development speakers who are experts and leaders in the industry. We’re experienced in tailoring these programs to any budget and would love to help you save time and money while furthering you and your fellow teachers’ education.

Returning to School

Returning to SchoolAs time nears for returning to school, teachers start looking at what needs to be done to prepare themselves and their students for the school year. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran who has been teaching for years or are brand-new to the game, getting a fresh perspective on things to do before school starts can be valuable. At, we offer just such advice, including suggestions on classroom gadgets, what to do and not to do during back-to-school night, tips on organizing your classroom and fun quizzes that gauge how ready you are to head back to work after summer vacation.

Good to Have Lesson Plans When Returning To School

When returning to school, it’s useful to get a little help with lesson plans. You might not have a clue how you want to structure your plans this year, or you may have a laptop full of ideas that have served you well in past years. knows, though, that new and inventive lesson plans are a welcome tool in any classroom. That’s why we offer free lesson plans and teaching tools for K through 12 teachers. Take a different look at math, history and science with lesson plans structured around contemporary news and pop culture, or stimulate your students to think critically and improve their writing skills with video writing prompts. They’re just a few examples of the useful resources you’ll find at Back to school time is here! is an alliance of teachers creating resources and content for teachers. We know having access to a community of people who understand your job and have experienced the same things you’re going through can be indispensable. We invite you to browse through the site and investigate everything we have to offer. Visit the blogs page to see what other teachers are talking about, or check out the professional development services we offer. You’ll always find useful returning to school resources at

Back to School Campaigns

Back to School CampaignsFall is always an exciting time for both students and teachers because it marks the beginning of a new school year. Back to school campaigns are in full swing, students are buying necessary school supplies, teachers are getting their classrooms in order to have students fill the seats, and all parties feel the excitement and also the anxiety of the unknown. is a resource for educators, providing support and professional development information to teachers at all levels. We have a number of resources, from lesson plans to tips and tricks that will help even the most seasoned teacher navigate the 21st century classroom. Our real teacher blogs are a great way for teachers who feel isolated in the profession to find a sense of community and belonging. Sometimes you just need to know you’re not the only one going through a particular trial.

Back to School Campaigns – Fun for Students and Teachers

We also connect teachers with information on graduate programs in education and other continuing education opportunities, such as certifications. If you are looking for back to school campaigns, you should check out the resources on We have compiled a number of different resources, all of which educators who teach at all different levels have found helpful and useful.

Teachers face a number of different issues, from teaching to overcrowded classrooms to struggling to teach information in a fresh, relatable way to students. As summer winds down and a new school year approaches, teachers may lack the motivation to get their classrooms in order. Back to school campaigns help get teachers excited, and the resources on can give practical piece of advice and heighten excitement.

Hearing about what other educators are doing to keep things fresh can be helpful for so many teachers. Whether you are a newer or more seasoned educator, will be especially helpful for you!

High School Back to School List

High School Back to School ListThere are a few items that all kids need for back to school, but a high school back to school list is different from the rest. All students can use number 2 pencils, erasers, notebooks and/or binders and loose-leaf paper. The teachers at point out that when kids hit high school, however, they require additional items that are a bit more advanced. Calculators, protractors, graph paper, flash drives and thesauruses are some of the items Good Housekeeping lists on their official high school back to school list.

Referencing a few different “official” lists can be useful to help teachers create their own lists to hand out at the beginning of the year. As a high school teacher, you focus on one or two subjects. The students in your English class won’t need a protractor, but highlighters, a binder with divers and a dayplanner or calendar for marking down assignment deadlines might be items you would put on your list. Additionally, reminds school-shopping parents and teachers not to forget index cards, pens and printer paper and ink cartridges for the home computer.

High School Back to School List and Resources is the resource K through 12 teachers can count on for back to school and throughout the year, too. Whether you need help building that high school back to school list or could use a hand with lesson plans, we’re here for you. Our community of teachers enjoys sharing their experiences and expertise, and you can count on us for advice on everything from educational technology to motivating students and even dealing with learning disabilities or bullying. knows the value of continuing education, too. That’s why we offer professional development services, such as planning and scheduling in-services, and you can find recommendations on graduate programs that are regionally, nationally and NCATE accredited.

Back to School Supplies

Back to School SuppliesAre you looking for what back to school supplies to purchase for your classroom? It’s a known fact that more than 90 percent of professional educators purchase a decent amount of material for their classrooms, including back to school supplies.

According to a recent article, “The recession has put a tremendous limit on the funding of our schools. We continually pay out of our own packets to make sure that our students are provided with a quality education as well as food in their stomachs. We will continue to do so because all we want is the best for our students, but there’s certainly no harm in saving a bit of money along the way.”

Look no further than for tips on getting discount back to school supplies, including which stores and which websites to frequent.

But we also take a serious look at the ongoing debate about school supplies. We recently examined why teachers are demanding an ever-increasing list of seemingly school supplies as well.

Back to School Supplies, Lesson Plans and Resources

All of the articles on are written by teachers, for teachers, so our expertise is top-notch. The website is updated daily with fresh articles addressing classroom management, teacher fatigue and yes, school supplies.

Beyond articles, is chok full of FREE, turnkey lesson plans that can greatly enrich your curriculum. There’s also a lovely discussion forum, where educators from around the world help each other out on the pressing issues of the day.

So visit early and often – you’ll always find something worthwhile and tought-provoking.

Back to School

Back to SchoolIt’s that time of year again – time for students and teachers alike to go back to school!

Teachers always seem to stressed out this time of year. In addition to preparing to go back to school, they all have home lives to balance with their responsibilities in the classroom.

How do teachers balance their two lives – at school and at home? can help. Our informative articles, penned by actual teachers, are always full of tips and tricks for making a teacher’s life easier. From articles on back to school ideas to classroom management tips to free lesson plans, can be your go-to source for all things school-related.

A recent look at trending articles on includes pieces on digital footprints, a student teaching survival guide, and a fresh look at formative assessments.

Back to School Articles, Resources, Games, Plans and More

But helpful articles aren’t all is about. If you’re thinking about going back to a university to advance your career via obtaining a master’s degree or Ph.d, we can help you find the perfect college program that’s nearby – or online. Our experts are well-heeled on helping educators move on and up, and we’re ready to assist you anytime. is the ultimate resource for teachers seeking a fresh outlook. Our lively discussion forum features educators from around the world debating academic subjects of every stripe. You’re sure to get a fresh perspective!’s weekly newsletter is delivered straight to your inbox every Friday. Subscribe NOW to get a weekly dose of educational inspiration!

Anti Bullying Activity

Anti Bullying ActivitySchools have found that enlisting students in anti bullying activity is an effective way to discourage the bullying culture that has surged over the years. The schools that have established programs that make students responsible for one another and the culture within their schools have seen a significant decrease in bullying activity. After years of trying to find answers to the problem, including legislation and bullying prevention events, it’s difficult to say any one solution is better than the others. It’s encouraging, though, when teachers and students alike can see a marked decline in singling out students for malicious attack.

At we are dedicated to sharing resources for all types of issues today’s teachers face. From offering lesson plans and teaching tools, to providing editorials that share successful anti bullying activity projects, we’ve become the partner you’ve been looking for to help in the essential but difficult field of education. Our lessons, shared resources and news is compiled by teachers, for teachers, so you can count on everything from to be relevant, interesting and useful. Whether you’re looking for advice on bullies, or some video writing prompts to freshen up your lesson plans, can help.

Finding the Right Anti Bullying Activity

One anti bullying activity that has been successful for teachers and school districts is the bully prevention in-service through’s professional development program. We can organize an in-service for you that is centered on this crucial topic to help equip you and your fellow teachers for dealing with the issue. Bullying prevention (Anti-bullying) training, along with a wide array of other topics, is just one way can assist with professional development in your school and/or district with speakers who are leaders in the industry. No matter what grade you teach, from kindergarten through high school seniors, is your go-to resource for support and assistance.

Anti Bully

Anti BullyPeople all over the country are recognizing how harmful bullying can be in all of its forms and in so many places. Everywhere you look anti-bully messages are spreading on media platforms, but that just does not seem to be enough to keep the problem at bay. Maybe you have a bully at your school, or even in your classroom, and you need some assistance figuring how to help your kids who are victims. First things first, you are doing a great job by recognizing the problem. Without this, there is no way that you can take steps to fix it. Unfortunately, there is a little more to it than just recognition.

At you can find all sorts of programs and articles to help you figure out how to deal with bullying problems. Anti-bully education can be effective in the classroom as long as you are willing to really work with everyone involved. If your problem is a relatively small one, you might be able to take care of it with a few classes and follow-ups. But if not, you may need some anti-bully training school wide, and at we can put you in touch with some of the best speakers on the subject to help curb your school’s bullying issues.

Anti Bully – Help Make a Difference in a Childs Life

Bullying can sour a child’s experience with education forever, as well as harm them emotionally and physically for his or her entire life. The right resources make all the difference, and that is exactly what you will find at Every child deserves to feel safe in their school, classroom, and playground, and as a teacher or administrator you have the opportunity to help make that happen. If you are unsure what to do, or just need a little help, peruse our articles at and get some help today.